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There is nothing more humbling than riding a horse. Horses keep you honest whether you like it or not.

Connecting Amateur Young Riders to Dressage Schoolmasters -A Private Foundation 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

There are many young talented riders in the world that will never see the limelight of the show ring. This is simply, because of funding. The coveted Dressage Schoolmaster mount is the fundamental element to prosper in the dressage arena.

Your donation will go directly towards deferring the cost of care, boarding, training and showing of our foundation Dressage Schoolmasters. The funding gives "the gift of a horse" to a Young Rider to showcase their talents side by side the top elite dressage riders of today. Your charitable donations expand our training and educational programs for both rider and horse to acquire tools to succeed in the show ring. But most importantly, we are making the dreams of young, worldwide dressage riders a reality.

The Success of a Dressage Rider Requires a Team

We are asking you to become part of our team at Rama Dressage Foundation, Inc.

Our team has the experience of building dressage horses and riders from the early stages to the highest levels. We understand the complexities of advancing horse and rider to succeed internationally in the world of dressage. Though our efforts and now yours, no deserving Young Rider will be left behind.

Your donations will close the economic gap to overcome the Amateur Young Riders' obstacle to train and compete on a Dressage Schoolmaster changing their lives forever.